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Too Much Horror Business or Why The Misfits Are Important

If you haven't heard their music (though if you're reading this, you likely HAVE), you've almost certainly seen their logo emblazoned on some kid's shirt. That Fiend logo is just as iconic as The Misfits music... At least, the music from their original incarnation. Their brand of horror/sci-fi inspired punk SHOULDN'T have worked. By all rights it should have been shrugged off as a nerdy gimmick. But no, Glenn and the gang made it work with catchy hooks and R-rated lyrics reminiscent of the pre-code (both comic and cinema) horror offerings of the olden days. Their music paved the way for countless other acts and inspired some of the biggest bands in the world. It's got a schlocky vibe with raw energy which makes for a fun listening experience for punks and goths alike.

In the spirit of this band from New Jersey, Glow Bat now offers the Teenagers From Mars t-shirt design. Inspired by the song of the same name, this design features a green and purple color scheme and an illustration of, what just might be, a... Teenager... FROM MARS!

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