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New Scream Queen Tee Now Available

It's the spooky season and everyone is getting their horror movies on. With these movies comes a countless list of strong female protagonists who are the last ones standing, taking on the slasher or the monster and defeating it once and for all (or so they think).

The Scream Queen is synonymous with being a badass. Smart and resourceful, these women take matters into their own hands when things are looking bleak and they turn the tides of the battle of good versus evil. With classics like Halloween, I Know What You Did Last Summer, and Scream, it's not the last MAN standing, it's the last WOMAN standing victorious. 

Now you can let everyone know how much of a badass you are with the new Scream Queen design from Glow Bat. This semi-fitted 100% cotton tee features a simple-yet-striking design. The words "Scream Queen" are accented in a rich purple that nicely compliments the striking illustration of a skull with two knives. It's a design to die for... And this time it's the Scream Queen who does the slaying!

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